Who we are


“Never alone” is about “being together”: together fighting the loneliness and isolation of elderly, together for a dignified life at any age, through volunteering and involvement in lfor a long-lasting impact in the lives of the elderly.

Our story started in 2006 as a program developed by the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation in the benefit of elderly affected by isolation and poverty. Moreover, the partnership with the French association les petits freres des Pauvres offered us new methods for volunteer involvement and new tools for fighting loneliness. Now, 10 years later, with the support and the expertise of the two partners “Never Alone” continues the fight against the loneliness and isolation of the elderly.

“Never alone – friends of the elderly ” is a charity dedicated to fighting loneliness and social isolation of elderly people through volunteering and raising awareness of the public regarding the elderly.

The aim of the association at national level is to fight against the loneliness and social isolation of the elderly, especially persons aged 60+, to encourage volunteering and to create a culture and a community who contribute to increasing the quality of life of elderly, to raise awareness of civil society and public institutions and to change perceptions, attitude and behavior towards the elderly in Romania.

Our activity is guided by:
a) the respect of personal dignity
b) the respect of personal ideas, choices, opinions and options
c) social and individual responsibility
d) loyalty in action
e) respect of the beneficiaries’ confidentiality

The association was born out of the volunteers’ desire to get more involved with the ageing population of Romania and to set an example that can be replicated at national level. The NGO was set up by thirteen volunteers together with the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation, in the summer of 2015.

At present, the members of the Board are:
President: Anca Zavadescu
Vice-president: Elena Olteanu
Members: Constanta Androne, Mihai Anghel, Elena Flueraru, Doriana Miclea, Eduard Oana, Mihaela Zodila, Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation